December 22, 2009

Associate Professor and ‘new Doctorate’, Marc Shaw – Medical Director for WORLDWISE, graduated as a Doctor of Public Health over the weekend at James Cook University, in Townsville, Australia. Juggling his time with various publications, expedition travel, humanitarian work, and lets not forget all of his WORLDWISE work this year, Marc has managed to finish his research towards his Doctorate on Post Exposure Rabies in returning travellers to New Zealand.

Marc was honoured to be presented with such an esteemed award at a ceremony that acknowledged the work he has done as being a significant stepping stone in the future of Tropical Medicine in Australasia.

The only graduate to receive this doctorate, Marc made his ‘mark’  in the glorious red cap, with the red and blue gown of the doctoral robes upon which was his medal for service to Tsunami relief efforts in 2004!

WORLDWISE clinics in New Zealand are 1 of 39 globally dispersed GeoSentinel sites for surveillance and monitoring of all travel related illnesses.

GeoSentinel is a network of travel & tropical medicine clinics initiated in 1995 by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) and the Centres for Disease Control (CDC). Surveillance of morbidity and mortality in travellers serves a number of purposes.

Firstly, it provides information to assist in the prevention of morbidity of local populations.

Secondly, travellers can serve as sentinels for changes that affect the morbidity and mortality of local populations.

Thirdly, travellers can be a factor in the spread of diseases in their countries of origin.

GeoSentinel is based on the concept that these clinics are ideally situated to effectively detect geographic and temporal trends in morbidity among travellers, immigrants and refugees.

With GeoSentinel and Clinical Research here in Auckland, WORLDWISE is contributing to an important global cause!!!

If you have been travelling and have become unwell in some form, it is important to inform your doctor you have been travelling (better yet, go to the experts – WORLDWISE) where they know what to look for and can record important data for GeoSentinel.

Visit – the public site to see what post-travel signs and symptoms you should look out for upon return from your overseas journey. Or feel free to contact us directly at