A trip up the Foladi and the Sadaat Valleys presents a road that is tortuous and very bumpy but ‘whew – the sights are stunning’ local Afghanis from Bamyan region on the road with their donkeys or their bikes or the motorcycles or in their motor vehicles. There are young girls doing the washing at streams. I saw kids and older boys who waved and watched us drive past. Turbans, burkas and chadors, brightly coloured dresses on the kids often with sparkle in it. I saw the donkeys and the cows and an occasional Kamaz which are Russian built trucks that the Afghanis use for transporting everything – dirty, huge, loud and spurting fumes that engulfed their origin. Wonderful autumnal views of the region and more recently the lack of leaves on the trees. Way in the distance were the snow capped hills looking down on us. Beautiful views!!